Brand is like reputation

- Marty Neumeier

Different individual have different feelings, emotions and experience about a same brand.

Concepts which form a brand (but not limited to) :

Positioning - Place a brand occupies in a consumers mind.
Apple = Consumer Electronics

Benefit - Ways in which it improves consumers lives via there services.
Apple = seamless integration across all of its devices

Personality - Impression on consumers.
Apple = Glamorous, Luxury

Aspiration - Ambition to achieve something.
Apple = Make personal computing available to everyone.

Emotion - Connection consumers feel with brand.
Apple = Reliable and Trusted



PSHE is a new type of organizational hierarchy that I’ve come across recently. I heard about it on the episode 13 of Blitzscaling where Shishir Mehrotra talked about scaling YouTube back in early days when it was acquired by google.

P - problem

S - solution

H - how to

E - execution

Jr. most employee starts at level E where in they are given the problem, it’s solution and how to do it as well. All they have to do it is just go and execute.

Level H employee is given the problem and it’s solutions they just have to figure out how to execute the solutions.

S level employees are a bit senior where they are given just the problem to focus and have to find various ways to eliminate the problem.

Person at level P is someone that identifies all the problems around and prioritizes what to focus on.